April 18, 2023

Recognizing Real-Life Superheroes with Dr. Amy Ho

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When you hear the word "superhero," you probably imagine someone running around in a cape, mask, or tights, using their powers to protect cities from the forces of evil. But superheroes are not limited to comic books or Marvel movies. In fact, there are many people who go above and beyond to positively impact their communities. They may not possess superpowers, but they exhibit the same bravery, dedication, and selflessness as the superheroes we grew up reading about.

In this episode, Lauren speaks with Dr. Amy Ho, Senior Vice President, Chief of Clinical Informatics at Integrative Emergency Services and the author of Is Mommy A Doctor or a Superhero? They discuss the role that real-life superheroes play in our lives. Dr. Ho’s work has been featured in venues such as NPR, The Today Show, Chicago Tribune, The Hill, and KevinMD. She has presented at TEDx, the American Medical Association, American Academy of Emergency Medicine, among many other endeavors.

Dr. Ho talks with Lauren about what led her to study medicine, what inspired her to write a children’s book during the pandemic, and what COVID-19 taught us about work, safety, and motherhood. 

Key Takeaways

  • [02:53] - Why Dr. Amy Ho chose to pursue medicine.
  • [09:25] - How Dr. Ho’s love of writing bled into her career. 
  • [11:57] - Why Dr. Ho loves TED Talks.
  • [16:56] - What inspired Dr. Ho’s book?
  • [20:54] - What COVID-19 taught us about balancing work, safety, and motherhood.
  • [26:22] - Who is Dr. Ho’s target audience for Is Mommy A Doctor or a Superhero?
  • [29:30] - The logistics of bringing Dr. Ho’s book to life.
  • [33:58] - Why you don’t need a publisher to write a book. 
  • [36:56] - How Dr. Ho found her illustrator.
  • [39:15] - How Dr. Ho’s work got featured on TLC’s “Untold Stories of the ER.”
  • [43:01] - What “wealth that matters” means to Dr. Ho. 


[09:28] - “There's a beauty to words. Words are awfully permanent, right? You open a book, you close the book, you reopen the page, it's still there.” ~ Dr. Amy Ho

[20:54] - “While I was in the middle of the COVID pandemic, I realized that with stay-at-home and childcare closing and schools closing, that the world had really turned inwards. And when it turned inwards, it fell on the backs of moms.” ~ Dr. Amy Ho

[27:23] - “The idea of celebrating all moms is where I wanted to go with this book, not just doctor moms, and letting little girls know that they can do whatever they want. You are empowered to do what you want with your own life.” ~ Dr. Amy Ho


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