Jan. 17, 2023

Creating a Community for Women in Radiology With Dr. Anu Brixey

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Women have made significant strides in the medical profession over the past few decades, yet they still need to be represented in certain fields. One such area is radiology. That is why it is so important to have a supportive community that can provide the mentorship, support, and guidance that women radiologists need to advance their careers and assume leadership positions without bias.

In this episode, Lauren and Jacque talk with Dr. Anu Brixey, Assistant Professor of Radiology in the Cardiothoracic Imaging section at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). Dr. Anu is active in numerous medical societies, including the American College of Radiology, the Society of Thoracic Radiology, and the RSNA (Radiologic Society of North America). She demonstrates natural leadership with enthusiasm, outstanding communication skills, and ease of working with others. Dr. Anu won the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award in 2021 and is well-respected by clinicians, colleagues, and trainees.

Also a Chair and Co-Founder of the OHSU Women in Radiology Group, Dr. Anu talks about the reasons she chose to return to residency, the importance of having a community for women in radiology, and how she helps women advance and assume leadership positions in radiology.

Key Takeaways

  • [02:03] - What motivated Dr. Anu to study medicine.
  • [09:57] - The reasons Dr. Anu chose to return to residency.
  • [17:00] - The impact of COVID on Dr. Anu's career.
  • [18:41] - The importance of having a community for women in radiology.
  • [22:29] - How Dr. Anu addresses the needs of women radiologists.
  • [26:55] - How Dr. Anu helped women advance in radiology.
  • [30:56] - The advice Dr. Anu gives to all physician wives.
  • [38:50] - What Dr. Anu defines as wealth that matters.


[07:34] - "Helping people solve a problem that is not easy to figure out is the most satisfying thing to me." ~ Dr. Anu Brixey

[13:53] - "When you do what you love, it doesn't feel like work anymore." ~ Dr. Anu Brixey

[27:35] - "Everything we have in life is a result of somebody else helping us. It's like being raised as a child. You have to pay it forward because you've got help from other people in the past." ~ Dr. Anu Brixey


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