Jan. 31, 2023

Combining Virtual Reality and Behavioral Science to Treat Health Issues with Shan Padda and Tommy Martin

Opioids are commonly used to treat chronic pain. They can, however, be highly addictive and have severe consequences for an individual's health.

In this episode, Kameron shares his conversation with Tommy Martin and Shan Padda from the Beyond the Ordinary podcast. Tommy is the CEO of Mammoth and a Partner at Vestia Personal Wealth Advisor. Tommy also serves as a strategic advisor to many of healthcare’s leading doctors, hospital CEOs, and medical technology founders.

Shan Padda is the CEO of Harvard MedTech and has been passionate about relieving patients’ pain without using opioids since he was a university student. Harvard MedTech’s Vx Therapy Program heals patients using virtual reality and helps 80% of patients suffering from chronic pain safely without any risk of addiction.

Understanding the dangers of opioids for relieving chronic pain, Shan talks with Kameron and Tommy about his quest to mitigate the country’s opioid epidemic, how he disrupts the healthcare industry, and why orthopedic surgeons support virtual reality therapy as a solution to chronic pain.

Key Takeaways

  • [02:45] - How Shan became a serial entrepreneur.
  • [04:55] - Shan's Harvard acceptance and college experience.
  • [07:43] - What prompted Shan to start his first company.
  • [09:42] - How Shan disrupted the home infusion therapy industry.
  • [13:21] - Shan’s quest to mitigate the country’s opioid epidemic.  
  • [17:31] - How Harvard MedTech heals patients without narcotics.
  • [21:52] - How Harvard MedTech therapy helps soldiers suffering from PTSD.
  • [23:15] - Why orthopedic surgeons love Harvard MedTech’s Vx Therapy Program.
  • [32:32] - Shan’s entrepreneurial philosophy.
  • [34:09] - The impact of Harvard MedTech therapy on insurance payers.
  • [36:18] - Why insurance companies proactively promote Harvard MedTech’s Vx Therapy Program.


[09:18] - "My vision has always been maximizing the patient experience. If you have a better patient experience, the patient will get better faster. And that’s what healthcare is supposed to be about." ~ Shan Padda

[20:04] - "When a patient has a VR headset with the right type of programming, they don’t feel their pain because their brain has automatically deprioritized it. The level of pain relief it provides is about a 50% analgesic benefit, the same benefit you would get from taking an opioid." ~ Shan Padda

[32:32] - "When one is trying to create entrepreneurial constructs, you need to create an environment that adds the most value and creates the least amount of friction for whoever you're trying to partner with." ~ Shan Padda


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