March 21, 2023

Building Your Personal Brand with Kevin Brown

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Your personal brand is being built every day in the way that you treat people, approach problems, and embrace change. Conversations about building a personal brand are common in careers like sales or marketing, but any profession can benefit from creating a strong presence. Many people struggle to get started and make genuine connections with their audience.

In this episode, Kameron and Brad talk with Kevin Brown, Creator of the Device Nation podcast, Independent Device Distributor, and 30 year veteran in the orthopedics industry. He’s also a musician and seven-time President’s Club Award winner.  

Kevin talks with Kameron and Brad about adapting and embracing change, building a personal brand, and getting started as an aspiring podcaster. 

Key Takeaways

  • [01:40] - An introduction to Kevin Brown.
  • [04:02] - Kevin’s shift to orthopedics.
  • [04:49] - How the role of the rep has changed over time.
  • [10:30] - How a heightened workload affects relationship building with surgeons. 
  • [12:44] - Kevin’s advice for creating a personal brand.
  • [15:05] - The importance of adaptation in the orthopedic industry.
  • [21:19] - How Kevin got his Device Nation podcast started.
  • [30:51] - The intersection of business and orthopedics. 
  • [35:43] - Key takeaways: adapt quickly, embrace change, and stay inquisitive.
  • [38:10] - Why you should nurture an inquisitive mindset.


[02:34] - “Rejection was something I really wanted to embrace as a life path.” ~ Kevin Brown

[13:52] - “You have to build a brand locally so that when those winds of change come on your shore, you're the person they can't do without.” ~ Kevin Brown

[20:07] - “If you wake up every day and you try to do right by everyone you come across, quota seems to take care of itself.” ~ Kevin Brown


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